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About Christopher Carr

Chris's proven personability & hospitality comes from his decorated past. Since the early 1930's the Carr family has been directly involved in real estate investing, and servicing others both in the residential & commercial markets.  Since Chris was a young toddler, he was taught by the Carr family how to understand & perform in the real estate market, reaching effective efficient results.  With over 13 years as a professional, in real estate investing market, Chris has a knack to make smart sound decisions in this changing economy.      

Chris also believes in living a healthy lifestyle when finding new happy homes for his clients. Graduating with a Master's Degree in Strength & Conditioning, Bachelor's in Exercise Science & Health Wellness Promotion, accumulating over 10 certifications in the Fitness Industry.  Chris created a Holistic Personal Training School, coined "Natural Body Man", which teaches its new students how to professionally personal train their clients using a holistic approach.  He has personal trained many elite business professionals and athletes of all types.  

Action and attitude produce results.  Making life changing decisions in uplifting positive energy field with someone who is knowledgeable & provides quality service/care who Chris is.  Living a holistic health lifestyle, Chris is able to give a high quality of service to those who appreciate it.  Know that you and your family's lives will be graced with care transformed for the better through his guidance. 

Chris also volunteers through a number of organizations including:  The Natural Body Beach Workout; which he created in 2006.  He voluntarily instructs these workouts on the South Florida Beaches on the weekends.  Come out to one of Chris's classes to completely change your life for the better and have fun doing it!

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